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A Sunday Night in Cobbler's 

It is Sunday Evening. The Weekend is over. 

A little Sunday sadness is creeping in. I make my way to the Cobbler's Bar in the Wyatt Hotel.  I order a glass of wine and I sit down- waiting. Shortly after that the musicians arrive.  Dan, Laoise and Johnny are tuning up. At this stage there are still no people in the pub.  But as soon as they start to play all sadness is swept away.  The music fills the empty pub and as if they could hear it from far away the people are arriving.  It seems like the answer to the call.

There are people of all age groups gathering together. They are here for the music.  As the evening goes by more and more musicians are joining the session.  It is an open session.  All musicians are welcome. Between jigs and reels you can listen to the old songs.  The warm and welcoming atmosphere encourage many to expose themselves to sing a song or even to dance.  

The mixture of songs and traditional music takes you back to another time. When Pat sings one of his sad songs there is complete silence.  Old pictures are passing by.  Sometimes the whole pub erupts in song.  It is then when you feel a shiver passing through your body.

The people are sitting closer together.  There are no differences between young and old, between tourists and locals. Everybody talks to everyone.  Then the session goes on and becomes more and more alive.  It is the best session in town, or even in the whole area.  The musicians have the ability to put fun into their music.  It is not as serious as sessions can sometimes be.  When Dan takes out his Saxophone then the party begins.  It's just a great place to be.

When the session is over you go home with a smile on your face.  Tell me, what else could you do on a Sunday evening in Westport?

Go to the Cobbler's Bar and have fun!!

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